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Trent parE

My earliest introduction to tattoos in a serious way was when my brother showed up at home with a chest piece done by John “the Dutchman” , I remember this being a point where I was struck by how well drawn the design was. It was levels above anything else my brother or anyone else had. I was 13 years old and knew I too wanted to get a tattoo from “The Dutchman”.

A few years later I began tattooing and eventually crossed paths with The Dutchman, and a few more years down the road in ‘95 it led to a full time position at the studio working and learning about art and designing tattoos and sharing our passion for learning.

After a few years of travelling and having my own studio with my partner, Jess Paré, I have returned to work with my mentor and friend John ‘the Dutchman ‘ in the current location here in Burnaby.

There is more to tattoos than application and design, connecting with the human and emotional element of the customer and really working to pull together a design that speaks to their soul is what I feel epitomizes tattooing to me.

I truly enjoy the tattooing process in all styles however I am looking to focus on my strengths and personal favourite styles and designs. Large scale, bold, graphic, Asian influence is my preference, although I am keen to do smaller tattoos as well. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with the customers and giving them a tattoo that is well designed and applied with precision and skill.

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